The Journey Of The Bandage Buddy™

Our Story

Our founder, Dr Mason Edwards, spent years suffering with severe osteoarthritis in his knees, with nothing on the market relieving his pain and discomfort. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Using his chiropractic expertise and his determination to succeed, Dr M began creating a solution for his pain. Throughout countless prototypes and developments, The Bandage Buddy™ was finally created.

Over nearly a decade, Dr M brought together a team of knowledgeable friends to help tweak and develop The Bandage Buddy™ to what it is today. And in 2019, The Bandage Buddy™ became available to the world. 

Now with thousands of users who swear by this treatment, The Bandage Buddy™ has changed the industry and many people’s lives for the better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with an effective and guaranteed solution to ease your aches and pains, whilst providing a luxurious massage experience. We’ve combined innovation, science and nearly a decade of pioneering to make fast recovery and wellness available to everyone. 

Our Team

When Dr Mason Edwards began creating The Bandage Buddy™, he put together a team of his friends who had the knowledge and will power to help him get The Bandage Buddy™ to where it is today. The team has since grown to over 200 determined and driven members who are all vital assets to our company. From graphic designers to product developers, everyone in our team plays a huge role in the production of The Bandage Buddy™.